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The NZ Dark Sky Handbook by John Hearnshaw, Emeritus Professor of Astronomy at the University of Canterbury


Coming soon: Available July 2021

The New Zealand Dark Sky Handbook is a comprehensive manual for all those who are interested in the fast growing topic of dark skies protection and the abatement of artificial light at night.

The book is in eight chapters, covering the following topics:

Chapter 1: Why protect dark skies?

Chapter 2: Properties of light and good lighting practices

Chapter 3: Measuring light

Chapter 4: The eye and human vision

Chapter 5: Lighting ordinances and dark sky organizations

Chapter 6: Dark sky places in New Zealand

Chapter 7: Island dark sky places in the world

Chapter 8: Astro-tourism and stargazing

The NZ Dark Sky Handbook is richly illustrated, with many figures in full colour, numerous tables of useful information, and explanations of complex topics in light measurement, physics, astronomy and lighting technology.

This is a highly multi-disciplinary subject. It calls on physics, astronomy, photometry, lighting technology, aesthetics, tourism, legal matters, human physiology, endocrinology, ecology, astrophotography, public outreach, geography, education and economics.

The NZ Dark Sky Handbook fills 230 A4 pages.