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QHY168 Colour Camera

$2,649.00 $2,495.00

QHY168 16MP APS-C Cooled Colour CMOS Camera

The QHY168C is part of the new generation of cameras for astrophotography by using the COLDMOS technology.


  • IMX071 APS-C color CMOS sensor
  • 4952 x 3288 16mega pixel 4.8µm pixel array
  • Cools 35C below ambient
  • A full range of accessories for your telescope and camera lenses
  • 128MB DDR buffer
  • Full video support with SharpCap
  • 12V DC, USB3.0
  • Anti-noise and Amp glow technology
  • Dew heater to prevent icing

The high performance QHY168C has an APS-C format 16mega pixels, 14bit CMOS IMX071 sensor. It has 3.2e low readout noise at the lowest gain and 2.3e low readout noise at unity gain (system gain = 1e/adu). QHY168C has a nice dynamic range close to 14-STOPs.
The QHY168C offers the TRUE RAW IMAGE OUTPUT and it gives original signal and keep the max flexibility of astronomy image process.

Besides the 2-stage TEC, QHYCCD has unique thermal noise control technology to give the CMOS sensor very low thermal noise giving much better thermal noise performance than competitors.

The QHY168C has a 128MB DDRII image buffer to help the image cache avoid the risk of frames being lost. The data will be stored in the memory first then be transfered to your computer.

Using their long experience in CCD camera design QHYCCD has the full anti-dew technology for both CCD sensor surface glass and the optic window glass. The QHY168C has an electric heating board for the CCD glass windows to prevent the window get dew and the silicon gel tube socket design for control the humidity within CMOS chamber.

In order to avoid a halo around bright stars the QHY168C has an AR+AR coating optic window rather than the common IR cut window for OSC color cameras. Therefore you need to use your own IR cut filter (most L filters can do that) in front of the camera. You can install the 2inch filter on the M48 thread of the 2inch T ring. Or QHYCCD supplies an optional 2" filter holder for QHY168C to allow you put this filter when connecting with a flat field corrector.

This camera is shipped to order from the manufacturer. Normal delivery time is 1-2 weeks. 

Effective Pixels 4952 x 3288,  16mega pixel
 Pixel Size 4.8µm x 4.8µm
Shutter Electric Rolling Shutter
Readout Type Progressive Scan
Imager Size APS-C Format
ADC Output Bit 14BIT (14BIT/8BIT OUTPUT)
Data Transfer USB 3.0
Exposure Time 30µs-3600sec
Max Frame Rate 10FPS@Full Reslution      30FPS@1920*1080 HD
15FPS@4096*2160 4K video
32FPS@1024 line
42FPS@768 line
54FPS@600 line
130FPS@240 line
Full Well 46ke-
Readout Noise 3.2e-@Lowest Gain  2.3e-@High Analog Gain
Amplifer Glow Control Yes.  There is no visible amplifer glow on dark image
Cooling System 2-stage TEC    -35C below Ambient
Optic Window AR+AR optic window
Support Software  SharpCAP, ASCOM, EZCAP_QT, FireCapture

The manual and software can be downloaded from

QHY Website