Laser Pointer Registration of Interest

Whilst high power laser pointers are an incredibly useful tool for teaching astronomy, they are also potentially very dangerous, both directly, in terms of damage to vision from direct viewing, and indirectly as a hazard to vehicle, machinery and aircraft operators who may be dazzled, flash blinded or otherwise distracted leading to a risk of accident.

In New Zealand, the importation and supply of laser pointers >1mw is stricly controlled by law.  It's also an offence to be caught in possession of a laser pointer in public without a reasonable reason for carrying it.  As astronomers we fully support the introduction of regulations to laser pointers in order to provide a safe environment. We also appreciate the understanding of the governement on the importance of the laser pointer as a tool for teaching.

Astronz has been authorised by the Director-General of Health to supply high power laser pointers in New Zealand.  Our legal obligations as a supplier require us to ensure that we only supply laser pointers to persons who have the correct authorisation from the Ministry of Health.  In order to meet these obligations, Astronz requires customers who wish to purchase laser pointer products to register their details and provide appropriate evidence to support the fact that they are authorised to recieve or acquire laser pointers under the NZ legislation.


Please select which Laser product you are interesting in purchasing.

Some user classes are automatically authorised to acquire laser pointers by the Director-General of Health. If you are part of one of these classes, you do not need to have individual authorisation by the Director General. 

Select your user class, where appropriate, or select "Director-General Authorised" if you have specific authorisation. (you will need to upload evidence below to confirm this.)

If you are not part of an authorised class as listed, or do not have specific individual authorisation, you will not be able to purchase a laser pointer.

Please upload suitable identification document. such as a copy of drivers license or passport.
(note you can blank out passport # or driver license # if you prefer for privacy)

Please upload suitable evidence of authorisation to acquire a laser pointer, or membership of an authorised class of persons.  Examples of suitable documents include:

  • Letter from your Astronomical Society confirming membership
  • Letter from employer, supervisor or head of department
  • Authorisation letter from the Director-General of Health (if not part of one of the authorised user classes.)