NZ Astronomers

This comprehensive list features astronomers and astrophysicists with connections to New Zealand, including those who have conducted research, taught, or made significant contributions to the field while in the country. The list is organised by the primary research areas of each individual, which may include cosmology, exoplanets, stellar astrophysics, gravitational microlensing, radio astronomy, and more. It is important to note that some researchers may have multiple areas of expertise or may have changed their research focus over time. This list aims to provide a valuable resource for those interested in learning about the breadth of astronomical research in New Zealand and the professionals who have played key roles in advancing the field.

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Cosmology & Theoretical Physics

  1. Richard Easther
  2. David Wiltshire
  3. Hiranya Peiris

Exoplanets and planetary science:

  1. Nick Rattenbury
  2. Philip Yock
  3. Jonti Horner
  4. Daniel Bayliss

Stellar astrophysics and evolution

  1. Beatrice Tinsley
  2. Karen Pollard
  3. John Hearnshaw
  4. Stephen Chadwick
  5. Michael Albrow
  6. Warwick Couch
  7. Denis Sullivan
  8. Brendon Brewer
  9. William Tobin

Astroparticle physics and cosmic rays:

  1. Adrian McDonald
  2. Jenni Adams

Gravitational microlensing:

  1. Ian Griffin
  2. Grant Christie
  3. Tim Natusch
  4. Nickolas M. Fotouhi

Radio astronomy and interferometry:

  1. Sergei Gulyae
  2. Tim Natusch
  3. Willen Van Straten
  4. Melanie Johnston-Hollitt

Asteroids, comets, and meteors:

  1. Albert Jones
  2. Graeme Kershaw
  3. Jack Baggaley

Māori Astronomy

Rangi Matamua


  1. Pauline Harris

Instrumentation and observational techniques

  1. Stuart Ryder
  2. Andrew (Andy) Rakich
  3. Hamish Johnston

Galaxies and extragalactic astronomy

  1. Michele Bannister

Solar system and interstellar space plasma physics

Sir Ian Axford

Solar physics

  1. Rachel Webster

Supernovae and transient events

  1. Heather Graham

Stellar pulsations and variable stars

  1. Brad Carter
  2. George Wallerstein

Astrochemistry and interstellar medium

  1. Frank Andrews
  2. Margaret Turnbull

This is not a complete list of individuals who work in astronomy in New Zealand. If you would like to be included on this list, or you have any suggestions or feedback, please let us know. Please note that this categorisation is based on the primary areas of research of each individual, but keep in mind that some researchers may have multiple areas of expertise or have changed their research focus over time.