Product Guides

Welcome to the product guide section for our astronomy store! Our product guides provide detailed information on each of the items we offer, including telescopes, binoculars, eyepieces, filters, and accessories. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced astronomer, we have something to meet your needs and budget. Our guides will help you choose the right equipment for your observing goals and explain how to use it effectively. We also offer tips and advice on observing techniques, astrophotography, and astronomy software. At our astronomy shop, we're committed to helping you discover the beauty and excitement of the universe.

  • Telescope Guide

    Our store offers a wide range of telescopes to suit your needs, from entry-level models to advanced ones for the more experienced astronomers. We carry refracting, reflecting, and catadioptric telescopes, as well as portable and computerised models.

    Telescope Guide 
  • Binocular Guide

    Astronomy binoculars are a popular and portable alternative to telescopes for stargazing. They offer a wide field of view, making it easier to locate celestial objects, and can provide stunning views of the night sky, and they can also be used for land observation.

    Binocular Guide 
  • Mounts & Tripods

    A good mount and tripod are essential for stable and accurate viewing and astrophotography. We offer a variety of mounts and tripods, including equatorial mounts, altazimuth mounts, and motorised mounts.

    Mount Guide 
  • Eyepiece Guide

    The eyepiece is what you look through to see the magnified image of the celestial object you're observing. We have a vast selection of eyepieces to choose from, including different focal lengths, apertures, and magnifications.

    Eyepiece Guide