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Alan Gilmore: An Introduction to Astronomy and the Southern Night Sky

Alan Gilmore: An Introduction to Astronomy and the Southern Night Sky

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Recently released, this book on observational astronomy offers a comprehensive guide to observing, educating readers on the intricacies and methodologies. It also delves deep into associated astronomical topics.

Alan Gilmore, one of New Zealand's most esteemed observing astronomers and a respected figure within RASNZ, shares his extensive knowledge and years of expertise. Suitable for both beginners and seasoned astronomers, this volume is a valuable addition to any astronomy-focused library.

This book is a gentle introduction to astronomy and the southern night sky. It covers most of the science of astronomy and some of its history. Star charts show the sky as seen from Aotearoa New Zealand month to month, with more detailed charts showing interesting areas. Photos are mostly black and white, showing objects as they appear in a telescope. The main types of telescopes are described along with advice on how to use them. Some advanced stuff is included for those interested.

The author has been using telescopes and talking about astronomy for more than sixty years. For the past forty he has been an observer at the University of Canterbury's Mt John Observatory at Lake Tekapo. He distributes monthly star charts and has an astronomy slot on Radio New Zealand National.

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