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Astronz 6" f/12 Cassegrain Telescope OTA

Astronz 6" f/12 Cassegrain Telescope OTA

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A classic cassegrain telescope with a long focal length with outstanding optical quality. Ideal for astrophotography. Ideal for both visual observing and astrophotography,

Cassegrain telescopes combine the benefits of a Newtonian telescope being a pure reflective system with a short-built design. In terms of optical quality Cassegrain telescopes are superior to customary Schmidt-Cassegrain systems. 


  • Large corrected and illuminated image field due to parabolic primary and hyperbolic secondary mirror with less field curvature than with SC telescopes.
  • Pure reflection system without Schmidt plate, as a result even Infrared photography becomes possible at full sharpness.
  • Significantly quicker temperature adaption than a SC, due to open design.
    ♦ Brighter image due to 99% dielectric coating on primary and secondary mirror.
    ♦ No shifting, because the primary mirror is fixated
    ♦ High-quality 2" Crayford focuser with micro-gear reduction and compression rings for 2" and 1.25" accessories
    ♦ 33% obstruction caused by secondary mirror, comparable to SC telescopes.
    ♦ Better sharpness on the optical axis due to precise mirror surfaces and the lack of a Schmidt plate
    ♦ Less problems from dew: with Schmidt-Cassegrains you get condensation on the front plate, not with a Cassegrain
    ♦ Interior baffles for even higher contrast
    ♦ Generous backfocus allowing the use of 2" accessories.
    ♦ Compact tube with only 580 mm length - can be operated with smaller mounts
    ♦ Primary and secondary mirror are adjustable
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