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Coma Corrector 2"


Coma Corrector Newtonian f/4 2"

This GSO coma corrector can be placed completely inside a 2" focuser and offers a high grade of correction and also a low degree of vignetting. The generous back focus of 70mm allows the use of off-axis-guiders.

Suitable for Newtonian telescopes from f/4 and slower.

M48 thread connection for good field illumination. M48 x 0.75mm (2") Filter threads. Offers 44mm of illuminated field diameter - even full format sensors can be used. Long working distance (70mm) - enough space for off- axis-guiders and filters.

There is no change of the focal lengh of the telescope

  - Telescope side: 2" barrel with 2" female filter thread
  - Camera side: M48x0.75 male thread - fits directly to further adaptions, filter drawers, off-axis-guiders and more.