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iOptron SkyTracker Pro Mount

iOptron SkyTracker Pro Mount

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Simply attach your camera to take stunning images of the night sky.

This portable mount makes it easy to take long exposures of the night sky without streaking or star trailing.

The SkyTracker Pro is simple to set up and use. Just attach the unit to a camera tripod then slide and lock your digital camera into the saddle. Align to the South Celestial Pole. Then the mount's slow-motion motors keep your camera tracking as the Earth rotates for beautiful images of the night sky.

It is lightweight and portable, small enough to fit on your palm. Batteries last up to 24 hours, so no need for a power pack. 

The improved precision polar scope maintains a fine engraved reticule, and now features adjustable illumination with eight brightness levels.

The SkyTracker Pro has four tracking rates - 1x , 1/2x (for sky and landscape), plus lunar and solar. It also includes a quick slew mode with both forward and reverse to help quickly reframe your image without disrupting the camera position.

The removable alt-azimuth base features a precision bubble level, degree markings for the altitude and a built in post for the azimuth control. You can also mount the SkyTracker Pro head (without the base) directly to any standard photographic tripod with 1/4 or 3/8 threads.

A ball head is needed for pointing the camera in any direction. You can add the Astronz ball head as an optional extra if you do not already have one with your camera/tripod setup.

Please note, the colour of the mount is now black.

Product specs:



Mount      Ultra compact single axis EQ
Payload   3kg maximum
Mount weight   685gm with battery
1150gm with battery and base
Body material   Die-cast aluminum with ABS cover
RA Shaft   Φ25mm, steel
Worm Wheel   Φ74mm, 144 teeth aluminum alloy
Worm Gear   11 mm, brass
Worm Period   600 sec
Bearing   4 pieces
Motor Drive   DC servo
Tracking   RA automatic
Tracking Speed    1X Cel, 1/2 Cel, solar, lunar, N/S
Fast slew speed   180X, forward and reverse
Polar Sight Hole   ~8 deg FOV
Polar Scope   6° FOV with dark field illuminated
Power Requirement   Internal rechargeable battery
Battery type   Li-Poly, 3.7V, 2000mAh
Duration of operation   up to 24 hours at 20°C
Power charge port   Micro USB (5V), 80% charge in 5 hours
Body Dimensions   115x115x95 mm
Operating temperature   -15~40°C
Mounting ring   Ø53 mm, 3/8” or 1/4" post threads
Alt-Azi adjustable Base   Vixen style saddle, 3/8” socket (1/4" converter)
Latitude adjustment range   -30º ~ 65º (with Alt-azi base)
AZ adjustment range   ±5°
Base diameter   Φ80 mm
Warranty   One year limited

What's in the box:

  • SkyTrackerTM Pro camera mount

  • Alt-azi base (installed)

  • AccuAlignTM dark field illuminated polar scope

  • Brass 3/8” and 1/4” threaded ball head mounting post (installed)

  • Padded carry bag

  • Micro USB charging cable

  • One Year Limited Warranty

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