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Off Axis Guider - Medium

$435.00 $325.00

Off-axis guider for astrophotography

An Off-Axis Guider lets you image and guide simultaneously through the same astrophotography telescope, eliminating the need for a separate guide scope.

The QHY Off-Axis Guider (OAG) is a thin and solid design. The main body is just 10mm thick.

Adding an M42 thread or M54 adapter ring adds only 3mm for a total thickness of 13mm. There are six 3mm through holes in the OAG for direct connection to the QHYCFW2 and QHY "A" series cameras. If you do not have a QHYCFW2 or QHY "A" series camera, you can also use this OAG with a third-party adapter ring on the camera side.

The QHY Off-Axis Guider comes with a multi-thread 1.25-inch focuser. The focuser has a locking thumbscrew to hold the guide camera fixed after focusing. The prism position can be adjusted and can be locked to fix its position. The prism is 8mm x 8mm size and the aperture between the prism and mirror is 8mm in diameter.

Telescope Adapter Ring M42/0.75
Diameter of 6 x M3 screw locations 62mm
Compatible Device QHY(IC)16200A QHYCFW2-M
Suitable CCD size APS-C, APS-H, 36x24
Weight 145g