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Celestron Dew Shield for C9.25-C11

Celestron Dew Shield for C9.25-C11

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The Celestron Dew Shield DX is an essential accessory that protects your optical tube in the field. It prevents excess moisture in the air from forming condensation on the corrector lens. A dew shield also helps block stray light from entering the telescope for better viewing and astroimaging. Use the Dew Shield DX on your 9.25" and 11" Schmidt Cassegrain, EdgeHD, and RASA (with single dovetail) optical tubes with confidence.

The Dew Shield DX provides a perfect, custom fit designed specifically for 9.25" and 11" Celestron optical tubes.  The Dew Shield is built from durable PE plastic that is flexible but strong. Extra padding has been added at the tube attachment edge to create a stronger fit on the optical tube. The felt-lined interior absorbs any additional stray light and excessive moisture, creating optimal contrast when viewing and imaging. The large dovetail cutout has been made both wider- to accommodate a 4" wide dovetail rails, as well as deeper, to create a more solid connection with the optical tube.

Attaching the Dew Shield to your optical tube is easy thanks to the Velcro attachment points. Whether your optical tube is 9.25" and 11", simply adjust the Velcro for the correct fit.

To save space when not in use, roll up your Dew Shield DX for easy transport and storage

  • Prevents dew from forming on your Schmidt-Cassegrain or EdgeHD corrector lens
  • Fits 9.25" and 11" optical tubes
  • Cutout accommodates telescope dovetail rails
  • Felt-lined interior surface captures moisture and reduces stray light
  • Rolls up for easy transport
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