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Getting started with the night sky package

Getting started with the night sky package

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Find your way around the night sky with binoculars & a guide book

The perfect package for beginners, from kids to grown-ups.

Binoculars are a great way to begin your astronomy adventure. They are easy to use, it's simple to find your way around the night sky, and you can see a surprising number of interesting and beautiful objects.

This package contains our Astronz 15x70 binoculars, excellent for astronomy and can still be hand-held.

The package includes one of the best guides to the night sky, the Stars and Planets Nature Guide - to guide you to the highlights of our skies.

The Binoculars

The 15x70mm binoculars have BAK-4 prism, full broadband multi-coating, rubberized metal bodies, all-glass lenses, right ocular diopter adjustment, improved "slow-focus", brass 1/4-20 tripod adapter threading, case, caps, and strap.

Great for viewing the night sky or land based objects. The binoculars are light enough to be hand help but can be attached to a standard camera tripod with the optional 'L' bracket

They use porro prisms, which are better than roof prisms for astronomical observing because of of their greater light transmission. The prisms are made of BAK-4 glass which is higher quality than the borosilicate flint glass used in cheaper binoculars.

Nature Guide - Stars and Planets

From the planets in our solar system to the constellations that brighten up the night skies, leaf through Nature Guide Stars and Planets, a beautiful guide to our solar system and beyond.

Part of a new generation of compact natural history guides, Stars and Planets is expertly written and packed full of stunning images that reveal the intricate details and unique characteristics of our stars and planets. This guide will give you knowledge of the galaxy at your fingertips.

With information on the tools and techniques you'll need to observe the night skies and a guide to all 88 constellations, Nature Guide Stars and Planets is the ideal identification guide to keep in your pocket.

Published: 02/07/2012, Format: Paperback, 352 pages

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