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Skywatcher 80mm Esprit ED Triplet APO Refractor


The Sky-Watcher 80mm Esprit 80ED Triplet APO Refractor is a professional instrument for the most demanding and exacting astro-photographers. The air spaced apochromatic triplet lenses use the remarkable Ohara FPL-53 ED (extra low dispersion) glass, with exceptional colour correction over the entire visible spectrum there is no chromatic aberration even on bright objects! Knife edge baffles reduce internal reflections and increase contrast, helping to bring out faint structure in deep sky objects.

A 2-element field flattener is included to iron out the natural off-axis astigmatism and field curvature of the objective lens, leaving a fully corrected 42mm field of view. The Sky-Watcher exclusive Helinear Track 11:1 dual speed focuser is rock solid with zero image shift and a 3″ barrel to avoid vignetting. Designed with photography in mind, it sits on two tracks above and below the barrel to prevent flexure with a heavy camera attached, and is fully rotatable to perfectly frame a target on the sensor.
What's In the Box?
Telescope Specs

* 80/400 Apochromatic Refractor
* Fixed Dew Shield
* Field Flattener with M48 Thread
* T2 Canon Camera Adapter
* 2″ Dielectric Star Diagonal
* 9×50 Right Angled Erect Image Diagonal
* D Style dovetail Bar
* 2″ to 1.25″ Eyepiece Adaptor
* Aluminium Foam-Lined Case

Optical Design
Airspaced Apochromatic Triplet
Focal Length
Focal Ratio
Diameter of the corrected field
Visual Back Focus
Resolving Power
Stellar Limit Magnitude
Highest Practical Magnification
Light gathering power (compared to the unaided eye)
2.7″ Crayford dual speed with 2″ and 1.25″ adaptor
Optical Tube Length
Optical Tube Weight

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